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Coronavirus: COVID-19 update

This is an exceptionally odd and anxious time for our country and many countries around the world. We are navigating uncharted waters here. So many questions as to how to respond to the daily changes in social isolation. The what-ifs alone can drive you crazy. Let me help settle your minds some. There are a few factors we need to recognize here. Firstly, this is a new virus we have never seen before. So yes, we are not immune to it as of yet. The likelihood of a lot of people being infected by COVID-19 is very possible. Over 80% of the cases are very mild, so stay calm. If you are considered "high risk" then isolate yourself even more and boost your immunity. I will give tips at the end of this post. The worry isn't so much as to how many will get infected, it's more of how many will get infected in a short amount of time. This is the second factor we need to address. It's improbable to be able to treat every patient is larger than average numbers of patients go to hospitals in a short amount of time. This increases risks of fatality not only for those infected by COVID-19, but also those who have other emergent conditions arise during this time. This is why social isolation is important at this time. We are "flattening the curve". Let me explain that more...

Limiting the number of infected people by lessening exposure will help to prevent this virus from spreading quickly. The growth of infection can increase exponentially. My limiting this we help to control the number of people infected, which will help to prevent overcrowding at hospitals. That's the true concern in all of this.

So what can you do?? Do everything you can to BOOST your immune system!


-3,000mg of Vitamin C daily

-10,000 iu of Vitamin D3 daily

-K2: Recommended daily allowance daily

-Full spectrum echinacea: Recommended dose daily


-IV Immune Boost cocktails

-Purified Silver (Smart Silver/Colloidal Silver)

-Thieves Essential Oil

-Oregano Essential Oil

-Frankincense Essential Oil

-Lemon Essential Oil

These have all shown to either have anti-viral properties and/or boost your immune system. If you want to have a drastic increase in boosting your immunity, set an appointment to get an IV Immune Boost cocktail. 100% absorption. Do everything you can to prevent the infection and you'll be alright!

Our office is limiting patients and personnel to less than 10 people in our office at one time to follow recommendations from the President and the CDC.

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