Dr. Shailendra Chavda MD

Dr. Chavda is highly respected and experienced physician in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. His focus is on providing cutting edge services in the anti-aging and physical medicine space in order to help improve your quality of life. If you're looking for expertise, combined with compassion, Dr. Chavda is the doctor for you.

Dr. Ray Behdar DC

Skill, patience, and excellence are what Dr. Ray brings to the table. He has been a staple in the Dallas-Ft. Worth community for many years and is a referral-based Chiropractor. This means that his patients do all the marketing for him by praising the thorough and excellent care he provides to their friends and family. This could be you! Let Dr. Ray manage your wellness and healthcare as our seasoned wellness practitioner.

Dr. Jessica Gerhart FNP DC

Dr. Jessica Gerhart has gained experience in many different fields in healthcare that focus on prevention and wellness. Her experience has led her to want more for her patients' health. If you’re looking for a provider who cares and takes the time to listen to you, then Dr. Gerhart is the one for you. She creates a comfortable experience that puts you at ease, which allows you to receive the care you deserve.

Marika Venger-Pakanich

A positive attitude goes a long way with Marika, our anti-aging specialist. She specializes in state of the art anti-aging treatments that allow you to look and feel younger!

Soshiant Eghbal

Soshiant is a massage therapist with a caring and positive attitude. His contributions to First Choice are unrivaled. Our patients love his massage therapy skills and his overall professionalism. He brings a trusted and sought after level of service that our patients appreciate and depend on. 

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