IV Nutrition  |  Weight Loss

IV Nutrition Therapy embodies the science of intravenous therapy of vitamins and minerals for health promotion. IV Nutrition Therapy provides 100% absorption of nutrients by infusing a specific combination of vitamins and minerals to support immune function, promote health, and fight off foreign invaders. We utilize our cocktails for numerous conditions and health goals, including but not limited to, weight loss, combating infections, boosting your immune system, and Redefining Your Health.

IV Nutrition Therapy

Ever wonder why you are taking all these vitamins yet
not feeling the benefits? That's because our body can only absorb 10% of the vitamins we ingest orally.  With IV Vitamin Therapy your body will absorb 100% of the vitamins, helping combat disease and boost your immune system! Our qualified practitioners develop treatment protocols depending on your symptoms and wellness goals.

Feeling under the weather?

Recover faster with IV Vitamin Therapy!

Weight Loss

First Choice's Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program is a comprehensive program designed to address all factors that may contribute to the inability to lose weight. Our program is individualized and combines both holistic and medical intervention to allow for effective and long-lasting results.


Your initial visit will consist of a comprehensive medical assessment and wellness laboratory analysis before beginning your program. We will review your bloodwork and provide functional medical advice. You will have access to all of our providers throughout your program to ask questions and for monitoring your health and progress.

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